Coaching Themes

The Big 5 coaching themes

From career development to workforce mobility

Is your organization facing a new and unfamiliar HR challenge? We’ve got you covered! Thanks to our many years of coaching and by mining extensive data, we’ve identified the key issues. And how best to approach them. From career development to workforce mobility, we call them the Big 5 coaching themes – plus 1 bonus theme:


Career development


Leadership and executive coaching


Work-life balance, stress, and burn-out


Collaboration and team dynamics


Self-development to enhance talents and skills

Bonus theme: Workforce mobility*

Step-by-step approach

The anyCoCoach approach includes a clearly thought-out coaching journey. Each journey comprises 3 elements to maximize value for you and your people:

1. Intake session

During a 15-minute intake session with their coach, the employee determines the insights and tools they need. Together, they create a coaching theme and action plan. 

2. 1-on-1 meetings

The employee gains real insights into their situation and skills during subsequent 1-on-1 online meetings of about 50 minutes. They’ll also identify underlying thoughts and feelings around their theme.

3. Group sessions

Each coaching journey also features 90-minute dynamic group sessions with a minimum of 4 participants. Everyone benefits from collective intelligence in terms of reflection, feedback, and new perspectives. 

Additional benefits

Additional free benefits include: Unlimited access to our library, inspiring video content, and connecting with others on the anyCoCoach platform. You’ll achieve more engagement, more inspiration, and deeper insights.

*Why the bonus theme?

A different approach

Workforce mobility is a key issue for many organizations, but it can require a (slightly) different approach to the other themes to be truly effective. That’s because 1 of the characteristics of the Big 5 themes is free will.

Rebalancing emotions

While moving to another position or organization can be an autonomous choice, it may also be forced by external circumstances. We can help rebalance any negative emotions that might arise. 

Career development

Employees gain valuable insights into their work environment, behavior, and convictions thanks to their anyCoCoaching sessions. Changing their point of view goes hand in hand with broadening their options.

As a result, many create a clear 5-year career path for themselves. Coachees also develop a more positive attitude, new ways of communicating, and better time management skills. That means far fewer issues with managers and coworkers.

Leadership & executive coaching

We know that being an effective manager requires a deep understanding of personal leadership. Thanks to our executive coaching, your managers will develop qualities like resilience, agility, and ownership.

They’ll grow their ability to respond optimally to team members, the organization, and the market. The modules include concepts developed by influential thinkers – like Hersey & Blanchard and Mintzberg & Ansoff – to inspire their leadership journey.  

Work-life balance, stress & burnout

We all know that an inadequate work-life balance causes stress and can lead to a burnout. But juggling family, work, and hobbies is challenging! AnyCoCoach can help you and your people recognize the first symptoms of imbalance. Find ways to avoid excessive stress over longer periods. And implement scientifically proven tools to live your best life. 

Collaboration & team dynamics

Achieving optimal team collaboration requires transparency, clear objectives, and excellent communication and leadership skills. In the end, it’s like an orchestra: The music will only sound like a masterpiece if the musicians and the conductor understand each other, acknowledge each other’s skills and flaws, and use feedback and feedforward techniques. AnyCoCoach provides crucial insights into building and maintaining highly successful teams. 


Many people will experience phases in which they’re driven to develop themselves. (Hopefully, they’ll also have times when they feel they’re fine as they are for the moment!) The anyCoCoach coaching plans and platform are user-friendly tools for everyone seeking to grow their awareness, talents, and skills. 

Workforce mobility

If an employee needs or wants to switch positions internally, identifying their SMART objectives and next career steps may be confusing, distracting, and painful. We can support the entire transition phase. Should their career journey take them outside the organization, we help enhance their networking and job application skills. We can even introduce them to a job hunter.