About anyCoCoach

anyCoCoach delivers scalable coaching solutions. We help people and organizations experience the connections within themselves, with those around them, and with the broader ecosystem. Becoming more aware of these connections and acting on them is the best way to future-proof organizations.

Our approach is based on a key insight shared by contemporary science and ancient wisdom. At a deep level everything and everyone is deeply interconnected. 

anyCoCoach’s unique coaching method – with its emphasis on collective intelligence – is an effective and meaningful tool to fast-track culture transformation. More and more consumers champion brands committed to social and environmental responsibility. These brands are also proven to attract and retain more talent. 


Stijn Bartelink

My great motivator is sharing the true value of connection, collaboration and coaching.

As initiator of anyCoCoach I translate the original vision, together with my colleagues, into a clear and valuable business concept. I take care of business strategy and work on impactful collaborations with our clients and partners.

I consider myself an innovator and connector and seek to contribute to a world in which we live in more harmony with ourselves, each other and the natural ecosystem. I believe that increased consciousness and better collaboration are crucial for solving the complex, global challenges that humanity currently faces. In my experience coaching is a very valuable intervention for higher consciousness and improved collaboration. It’s my personal dream to make good coaching more widely accessible with anyCoCoach. So that we get one step closer to my ideal world.

I have years of experience as innovator and leader around topics such as wellbeing, sustainability and circular economy. I prioritize personal development and regulary take courses on coaching and change management to sharpen my saw.


Johan Eekma

Leaders tend to forget their own needs. I help them take better care of themselves and their people.

As co-owner of anyCoCoach I ensure the quality of our coaching and of the career professionals and facilitators who provide their services via our platform. I also have an active role as coach on the platform: I guide MT’s and executives to become top employers who get the most out of their organizations, teams and themselves.

I see myself as an inspired and result oriented Career professional who loves to set people, teams and organization into motion. Besides my role at anyCoCoach, I am founder and director of network organization Carrièrepoort, which is specialized in coaching topics such as workforce mobility and vitality of people and organizations. Moreover, Carrièrepoort is an NRTO accredited training partner that provides trainings and courses around topics of personal growth, management development, stress & energy management and specialist HR trainings.

Co-creating outstanding products and interventions with fellow career and organization professionals is something I enjoy a lot. Focus lays on organization development, leadership, team development, career guidance and workforce mobility. In these co-creations I strive to combine science, people-focus, playfulness and proven effectivity. Career Funnel and Vitality MOT are examples of this.


Siegfried Kruger

I'm drive to make the traditional coaching model more scalable, so more organizations can thrive.

My contribution to anyCoCoach is ensuring smooth operations and amaze our user’s experiences. Moreover, we believe that our anyCoCoach services will serve as a mycelium network within organizations, enabling a constant and unique information flow between people. I am dedicated to continuously improve our anyCoCoach platform, based on the desires and needs of every mycelium network grown by our users.

Since day one I’ve been inspired by social entrepreneurship, where growth and impact are intertwined. I’ve seen successes often to be assigned to companies, while in reality the people working for these companies are the source of the success. Extraordinary people who are dedicated to outperform, to reset the status quo and making the impossible possible. So, I realized when people create the positive growth and impact in this world, I intuitively thrive to support them maximizing their impact, with accessible and affordable coaching; the anyCoCoach platform

On the anyCoCoach platform, I am providing coaching as an Organizational Coach to executives, entrepreneurs and (entrepreneurial) teams. I support them to effectively collaborate, create an impact beyond their individual capabilities and being naturally balanced.

My Business Administration background (MSc, RSM Erasmus University) and venture building experiences at Enviu in The Netherlands and Polymath Ventures in Colombia, created my field of expertise in (social) start-ups and lean validation.
I love to see the iterative process resulting into sustainable progress, with people and between people.